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Frequently Asked Questions
Find quick and helpful answers to the most common queries

What is the WooMeNow platform and what problem are we helping to solve?

For our Community: The WooMeNow platform is a destination platform that will help people save time in their search for fun, cool experiences for Date Nights in different cities!

For Businesses: (restaurants & experiences), if you're struggling to create engaging content because you don't have the time or the expertise, we got you covered. Our team will handle your content creation so business owners can focus on what they do best, running their business!


Why do we want to solve this problem?

We want to inspire people to foster healthy relationships through spending quality time together while doing something new and exciting! The ripple effect of one healthy relationship can impact many in our communities in a positive way!

We also want to help business owners put their content creation on auto-pilot with our "Risk-Free" approach using one of our customized content packages.


How are we going to do it?

We designed a platform where our community of users can easily find ideas to “Woo” the people they love and care about!

Our platform will be comprised of “Recommendations” from “Locals” who live in different cities.

Our team will curate unforgettable experiences for our community while creating engaging content for businesses!


What exactly does a "Risk-Free" approach to content creation mean?

Our "Risk-Free" approach is simple!

After our discovery call, we will schedule a video shoot at your business with our videographer & a local influencer where they will create content highlighting your business.

Within 48-hrs of the video shoot, our team will deliver a :30 second professionally edited reel at not cost to the business at this point. You then have the choice to have us post the reel or not.

We post it for the world to see ---> you choose one of our "Content Packages" or we can customize one.

We don't post, you don't pay anything. WooMeNow retains the rights to the video.


Can people access the recommendations in different cities from our network of “Locals and Influencers” for FREE?

Yes, access to our platform is free!


What value does our platform provide for our Restaurant & Experience partners who are Recommended by our locals and influencers?

The platform can be used as another marketing vessel for your business.

The only way a specific Restaurant or Experience can make it onto the WooMeNow platform for “Free” is to be “Recommended” by one of the local influencers in our network…positioning their business as a “Quality” recommendation and unique in their respective category.

The ability to have organic social media content created for their business from whomever recommended them.


What is one of the ways WooMeNow generates revenue from businesses?

We help businesses, mainly restaurants and experiences, create engaging content with our "risk free" approach to content creation. Businesses can put their content strategy on auto-pilot with one of our customized content packages.